The human being is fundamentally a social being. Welcome to Fizali is a community. It is a social website completely free and it offers its member fun outings. This site has been carefully prepared and tailored to your needs. The principle is : you create and publish an outing of a theme of your choice. The other members may register to your outing allowing you to meet and make new friends. This allows you to meet people who have the same tastes as you. .


Fizali's mission is to provide all the tools necessary to enable its members to create user-friendly and fun outings. Fizali has made every effort so that members can register and participate in outings with confidence and serenity through various rating systems.


The means are deployed primarily through internal tools offered by Fizali to enable its members to create the outputs they want and track the status of each entry, communicate with other members of the community, and more. Then through advertisements broadcast in digital and traditional media.

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Ile de france


Ile de france


Ile de france


Ile de france




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Ile de france


Ile de france

A new social network aimed to connect people and let them meet thru outings published by its members. The goal is to create links, and strong friendships that last. Fizali is already available in several languages and available in beta in several countries, including France, Belgium, and Canada.